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1. Element P and element Q have proton number of 19 and 8 respectively. What is the relative molecular mass of a compound formed between P and Q? [Relative atomic mass : P = 39, Q = 16]

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2. Solution & pH value - P-1.0 Q-3.0 R-5.0 S-6.0 : Which of the solution has the highest degree of dissociation?

  • S
  • Q
  • P
  • R

3. Which of the following compound is a hydrocarbon?

  • 2-methylbut-1,3-diene
  • Ethanoic Acid
  • Ethyl ethanoate
  • Propan-2-ol

4. Which of the following is the characteristic of catalyst?

  • Catalyst increases the quantity of product.
  • The quantity of catalyst remains the same after the reaction.
  • Catalyst used only in solid form.
  • Physical state of catalyst is unchanged during reaction.

5. The following statements are true about exothermic reactions except

  • the formation of bond releases more energy than is required in the bond breaking
  • the energy content of the products is lower than that of the reactants.
  • the reaction release heat to the surrounding
  • the formation of bond releases less energy than is required in the bond breaking


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