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1. The following statements are true about exothermic reactions except

  • the energy content of the products is lower than that of the reactants.
  • the reaction release heat to the surrounding
  • the formation of bond releases more energy than is required in the bond breaking
  • the formation of bond releases less energy than is required in the bond breaking
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2. Which of the following pairs of additive in detergent and its function is correct?

  • Sodium sulphate - To soften the water
  • Sodium tripoliphosphate - To enable detergent to be poured easily
  • Sodium perborate - To convert stains into colourless substances
  • Sodium silicate - To remove protein stain

3. Which of the following salt is soluble in water?

  • Lead(II) iodide
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Barium sulphate
  • Silver chloride

4. Elements are arranged in increasing order of atomic mass in the Periodic Table. - Which of the following scientists made the above statement?

  • Mendeleev
  • Dobereiner
  • Newlands
  • Meyer

5. Element M is in Group 2 in the Periodic Table. Element M reacts with chlorine gas to form a compound with the formula MCl2 What is the formula of the oxide of element M?

  • M2O
  • M2O2
  • MO
  • MO2
  • None of them.


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