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What is a hydrocarbon?
A hydrocarbon is a molecules made of only hydrogen and carbon atoms
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What is the general formula for an alkane?
Cn H2n+2
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The forula for propane is..
... C3 H8
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How do we seperate crude oil?
By fractional distillation. long chain hydrocarbons condense at the bottom and small chain at the top.
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Alkene are different to alkanes as....
the have double covalent bonds and are unsaturated.
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What substance is used to test for alkenes? How?
Bromine water in the presence on an alkene turns from orange to colourless.
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What is bad about incomplete combustion?
It produces co2 which is a green house gas as well as co which is poisonous. carbon (soot) is produced which is harmful to those with respiritory problems.
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how do we break down long chain alkanes?
Through the process of cracking, meaning they are heated until they are vapour and passed with a catalyst to make a thermal decomposition reaction. This can be done with steam.
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Why is it that we can't have a methene hydrocarbon?
Methane contains one carbon atom and would need two carbons to have a double covalent bond so it can't be possible to have a methene.
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What is a polymerisation reaction?
lots of monomers joined together in a long chain.
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What polymer would lots of ethenes be called?
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The diffrence between a thermosetting and a thermosoftening polymer is....
..... there are no cross links in a thermosoftening polymer so they melt when heated unlike a thermosetting polymer.
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What is the term of molecules with two hydroxyl or OH?
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What happens in condensation poymerisation?
Monomer molecules join together to form large polymers and lose small molecules such as water
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A peptide link is a .....
.... bond formed between the carboxyl groups and amino groups when the amino acids join together.
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Would the displayed formula of poly(ethene) contain ouble bonds? Why/whynot?
poly(ethene) would not have double bonds as one of the double bonds would be split to attach the other ethenes
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What is the general formula for an alkane?


Cn H2n+2

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The forula for propane is..


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How do we seperate crude oil?


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Alkene are different to alkanes as....


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