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2. What are secondary alcohols oxidised to?

  • Esters
  • Carboxylic acids
  • Ketones
  • Aldehydes

3. What does Brady's reagent test for?

  • Aldehyde only
  • Carbonyl groups
  • Ketones only
  • Carbon carbon double bonds

4. What are the reagents needed for nitration of benzene

  • NaNO2 and HCl
  • NaBH4
  • conc H2SO4 and conc HNO3
  • Tin and conc HCl

5. Why does bromine act more readily with cyclohexene than with benzene

  • Bromine cannot react with either
  • Halogen carrier
  • Localised electrons can polarise bromine molecules
  • Bromine accepts delocalised electrons


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