Where do metals come from? Where are they found?
The earths crust. A metal ore is found inside rocks
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What are the most common metal ores?
Oxides and sulfides
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How were sulfided created?
From the sulfer in volcanic eruptions
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How were oxides created
From photosynthesis and a large amount of oxygen was released into the earths atmosphere
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What is the issue with metal ores?
They are finite and non-renewable
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Where are most metals from today?
Recycling scrap metals
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What do the most reactive metals extracted by?
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What are the middle reactants extracted by?
Reduction with carbon or carbon monoxide
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What are the least reactive extracted by?
Native metals or various chemical reactions
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Removing oxygen
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Gaining oxygen
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Using electricity to extract metal
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What is a displacement reaction?
When a metal takes the place/displaces a less reactive metal in a metal salt solution
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What is displacement of oxidation/reduction?
The more reactive metal will take the oxygen off the least reactive metal
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Raw materials in industrial extraction of iron
Iron ore, coke, limestone, hot air
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Name the 4 main stage so far extraction
Combustion, reduction, decomposition, neutralisation
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What is the process of electrolysis?
Where ionic substances are broken down into simpler substances using electricity. During which gases and metals may form at the electrodes.
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For electrolysis to work what must happen?
The ions must be free to move
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What is a positive electron called?
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What is a negatively charged electron called?
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What do anodes attract?
Negatively charged non-metals ions.They then lose an electron which is oxidation
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What do cathodes attract?
Positively charged non-metals ions. They gain an outer electron this is redution
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What are the most common metal ores?


Oxides and sulfides

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How were sulfided created?


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What is the issue with metal ores?


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