1. What does electostatic attration mean?

  • the opposite charge on the ions is what holds it together.
  • The strongest charge holds it together
  • The weakest charge holds it together
  • None of the atoms hold the element together
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2. What is a dative convelent bond?

  • The bonding of a metal and non metal
  • not different to convelent bond
  • The bonding of the same atom together
  • The bonding of the different atom together

3. A atom with less shell will make elecrostatic force

  • nothing
  • weaker
  • stronger
  • the same

4. What do the opposite charges in sodium choride form

  • bonding
  • electstatic force
  • giant ionic lattices
  • nothing

5. What is non-polar molcule

  • a molcule where electrons distrubed evenly
  • a molcule where electrons are distrubed unevenly
  • A molcule that has a odd amount of electrons
  • Nothing


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