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are fossil fuels renewable or non renewable
they are non renewable because they are a finite source
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what is a hydrocarbon made up of
hydrogen and carbon ONLY
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what is cracking
process that turns large alkene molecules into smaller alkane and alkene molecules
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what is clean air made up of
78%nitrogen 21%oxygen 0.035%carbon dioxide
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test for alkene
orange bromine water and an alkene=turns colourless
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it is a colloid, the particles are mixed and dispersed but not dissolved
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thermochromic pigments
change colour at different temperatures e.g.. temp of body heat
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phosphorescent pigments
glow in the dark, absorb and store energy and release energy as light over a period of time
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how can crude oil be separated
fractional distillation. fractions with low boiling pints exit at the top
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boiling points of hydrocarbons
bigger molecules have higher boiling points than the smaller molecules
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how can carbon dioxide be tested for
if there is carbon dioxide present then it will tun the limewater milky
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what is denaturing
it is when the protein molecules change shape when they are cooked or change in temepraure and it is too hot for the enzymes to work, it is a permanent change
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outer layer of the earth made of tectonic plates which are less dense than the mantle below
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oceanic crust is denser then continental, the plates collide and the oceanic plate sinks and partly melts it forming magma. the friction builds and becomes rigid then releases forming earthquakes or volcanoes
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thermal decomposition
one substance breaks down on heating to give at least 2 new substances
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reinforced concrete
composite material which has steel rods running through it
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advantages of recycling copper
low melting point reduces need for mining and keeps out of copper down
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disadvantages of recycling copper
separating process causes pollution less copper is mined so less mining jobs difficult to persuade people to recycle it difficult to separate
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advantages of recycling old cars
less crude oil is needed to make new plastics less waste means less landfill fewer toxic materials are dumped
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disadvantages of recycling old cars
fewer mines are built and less jobs created difficult to separate materials some separating techniques cause pollution recycling process is very expensive
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what is a hydrocarbon made up of


hydrogen and carbon ONLY

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what is cracking


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what is clean air made up of


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test for alkene


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