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2. In complete combustion, hydrocarbons burn to produce:

  • carbon dioxide and methane
  • oxygen and water
  • carbon dioxide and water
  • carbon dioxide and oxygen

3. Dangers of chlorine:

  • smells GROSS
  • toxic gas, gas leaks can kill lots of people, burst gas pipes leading to gas leaks, explosions due to an excess of pressure
  • can make your eyes sting when used in swimming pools

4. Why are alloys stronger:

  • the layers don't slide because the particles have more friction
  • the layers don't slide as the particles are different sizes
  • the layers slide and so last longer

5. Thermal composition of calcium carbonate:

  • calcium carbonate --> calcium oxide + carbon dioxide.
  • calcium carbonate --> water + calcium
  • calcium carbonate --> calcium + carbon dioxide


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