Chemistry 3- periodic table + electrons

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What is the periodic table?
An arrangement of elements in order of increasing atom in number (protons)
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Where are the groups?
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What do groups contain?
Elements with similar chemical properties
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What do periods contain?
Elements that show a pattern of repeating trends, across periods
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The repeating pattern of trends is known as what?
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Why do elements ina group have similar chemical properties?
They have the same no. of electrons on their outershell
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What is the first ionisation energy?
The energy required to remove 1 electron from each atom in one mole of the gaseous element, to form one mole of gaseous 1+ ions
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To remove an electron from an atom, why must energy be supplied to the electron?
To overcome the nuclear attraction (between the positive nucleus and negative electron)
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What factors affect ionisation?
Nuclear charge, atomic radius + electron shielding
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What is nuclear charge?
The total charge of protons in the nucleus
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The greater the nuclear charge...
The larger the nuclear attraction- so more energy required to form 1+ ion
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What is atomic radius?
The overall size of an atom (distance between the nucleus and outer electrons)
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The larger the atomic radius...
The smaller the nuclear attraction- (as electrons are further away from nucleus), so less energy required to form 1+ ion
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What is electron shielding?
Inner-shell electrons repelling the outer electrons. The repelling= shielding effect
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The more inner shells...
The greater the shielding effect, the smaller the nuclear attraction so less energy required to remove an electron
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Where are the groups?



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What do groups contain?


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What do periods contain?


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The repeating pattern of trends is known as what?


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