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what is fossil fuel ?
They are a finite resource because they are no longer being made or and being made extremly slowley
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what is crude oil ?
They are a mixture of many types of oil , which are all "hydrocarbons".
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What is a hydrocarbon ?
A hydrocarbon is made up of molecules containing carbon and hydrogren only .
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How is crude oil seperated ?
Crude oil can be seperated ecause the hydrocarbons in diffrenet fractions have diffrenly sizes molecules
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What is cracking ?
It is the process thatr turns large alkane molecules into smaller alkane and alkene molecules
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What does cracking help with ?
Cracking helps with oil manufactorers match supply and demand for products.
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what is the oder of fractions ?
1)LPG 2) petrol 3) paraffin 4) diesel 5) heating oil 6) fuel oils 7) bitumen
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why are fossil fuels being burnt more ?
They are being burnt more to higher demand from a rising population
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What does burning hydrocarbon fuel with plenty of air produce ?
Carbon dioxide and water - Methene+oxygen->carbon dioxide + water
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When does complete combustion occur ?
when fuel is burnt in plenty of oxygen
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when is toxic gas made ?
Toxic gas is made during incomplete combustion
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What is the word equation for incomplete combustion?
fuel + oxygen ->carbon monoxide + water
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what is the balanced symbol equation for complete combustion ?
CH4+2O2 ->CO2 + 2H2O
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what is the balanced symbol equation for incomplete combustion ?
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how much nitrogen is in the air ?
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How much oxygen is the air ?
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how much co2 is in the air ?
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What factors increase CO2 input ?
deforestation and increase in population
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what does a catalist converter do ?
It converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide
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what is degassing ?
a process where gases come throught the volcanoes on the earth
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what damage can sulfer dioxide have onyour body ?
cause difficulty to breath and it can dissolve water into acid rain which effects limeston and wildlife
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what are alkenes ?
a hydrocarbon with a singluar covalent bonds
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What are alkenes ?
a hydrocarbon which has a double covalent bond between 2 carbon atoms
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What does bromine water do ?
It is a water which is used to test for alkenes when alkenes are found the water turns clear from its orangey state
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what does adiition polimerisation need ?
The reaction needs high pressure and a catalyst
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What compound is formed when bromine water test is possitive ?
A dibromo comp[ound is formed
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How can you recognise a polymer ?
You can reconise the compound fromits displayed formula
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what is nylon ?
a tought,light weight water tight material which keeps ultraviolet light out
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what is GORE-TEX ?
is a water proof and breathable material which is made from PTFE.
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what is PTFE?
a polyurethane mambrane but it is fragile and has to be laminated with nilon
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what are the properties of plastic ?
It is weak intermeleculor forces between polymer molecules and has a low melting point
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What does denaturing mean ?
The changing shape of molecules or anything .
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what happens when you cook a potato?
The starch grains will swellup and spread out and the cell walls will rupture resultion in loss of their ridgid structure and a soft texture is produced
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what does the hydrophilic head like ?
they love water
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what does a hydrophobic tail like ?
it loves fat or oil
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what are the two parts of an emulsifiing molecule ?
the hydrophilic head and the hydrophobic tail
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What is TEA CUPS ?
Toxisity , Enegy , Accesabilty , Cost , Usage , Pollution , Storage
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What is the equation for an alkene?
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What is the equation for alkane?
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What are the paint ingredients ?
Binding material , pigment and solvent
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what is crude oil ?


They are a mixture of many types of oil , which are all "hydrocarbons".

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What is a hydrocarbon ?


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How is crude oil seperated ?


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