Chemical Equilibrium

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1. Which of these is not used to classify a dispersion system?

  • Colloid system (colloids) DP= 1-1000 nm (eg. macromolecules, nanoparticles)
  • Stable system DP>1000 nm (eg. solids)
  • Analytic dispersion system (true solutions) DP
  • Coarse dispersion system DP>1000 nm (eg. suspensions, emulsions)
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2. Differences between osmolarity and osmolaity?

  • Osmolarity = mol/kg
  • osmolality= mol/kg

3. What is the equation for ionic strenght?

  • 1000RTc
  • I= 0.5 (sum of the conc of ions and (charge of ions)^2)
  • RTc
  • aB =YB(activity coefficient) x ConcB

4. Calculate osmatic pressure=RTc. Which is incorrect?

  • osmatic pressure= 1000RTc (Pa)
  • R- gas constant
  • c= osmolality
  • C= osmolarity

5. what is a colligative property of solutions definitions?

  • They are observed in diluted solution so its possible to stop interactions with particles which depend on chemical structure.
  • All of the above
  • It is the properties of the solutions that depend on the number of particles in a given volumn of solvent but not in chemical properties of the solvent


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