Chemical Reactions

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What is a chemical reaction?
A chemical change in which one or more new chemical substances are produced. (rearrangement of atoms)
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What's an exothermic reaction?
A reaction that gives out energy to its surrounding eg. combustion
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What's an endothermic reaction?
Reactions that absorb heat energy from its surroundings
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Acids and Bases -H+?
Acids are proton (H+) donors and bases accept protons
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What is the Law of Conservation of Mass?
Mass is never created or destroyed in a chemical reaction
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Properties of Acids?
Taste sour, react with metal, turn blue litmus paper red, corrosive, conduct electricity
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Properties of Bases?
Taste bitter, conduct electricity, pH greater than 7, caustic
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Examples of acids and bases?
Acids: hydrochloric acid, lactic acid, citric acid. Bases: cleaning products, shampoo, cement
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What is combustion?
A exothermic reaction when something reacts with oxygen
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Complete and incomplete combustion?
Complete combustion always creates carbon dioxide and water. Incomplete combustion (lack of oxygen) produces carbon monoxide and water vapor
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What is corrosion?
A chemical reaction that wears away the surface of a substance (usually metal) when exposed to water air and other chemicals
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Types of corrosion?
Tarnish, verdigris and rusting
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Methods to measure the pH level of substances?
Universal indicator, cabbage water, litmus paper
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What is a pH level?
The "power of hydrogen (H+)".. concentration of H+
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What is photosynthesis?
An endothermic reaction where plants use sunlight and chlorophyll to create glucose
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What is aerobic respiration?
Chemical reaction that breaks down glucose, in the presence of oxygen, to form carbon dioxide and water, and energy
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Main steps in the carbon cycle?
Plants take up CO2 from the atmosphere for photosynthesis Animals eat plants Living plants and animals release CO2 back into the atmosphere through respiration Plants and animals release carbon back into the soil through wastes such faeces, urine and
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Acid and Metal Reactions?
Metal + Acid -> a salt + hydrogen
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acid-base reaction. when H+ are transferred from an acid to a base. Acid + Base -> salt + water
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Acid and Carbonates?
Carbonate + Acid -> salt + water + carbon dioxide
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Combustion worded equation?
Complete - something + oxygen -> carbon dioxide + water. Incomplete - something + oxygen -> carbon monoxide + water
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What is the equation for glucose?
C6 H12 O6
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What's an exothermic reaction?


A reaction that gives out energy to its surrounding eg. combustion

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What's an endothermic reaction?


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Acids and Bases -H+?


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What is the Law of Conservation of Mass?


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