Chapter 1

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What are Quantitative Variables?
Numerical observations or measurements
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What are Qualitative Variables?
Non-numerical observations
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What is Continuous Data?
Data that can take any value on a continuous numerical scale
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What is Discrete Data?
Data that can only take particular values on a continuous numerical scale
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What is Categorical Data?
A set of data is categorical if values or observations belonging to it can be sorted into different categories
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What values does Ranked Data have?
Ranked data has values/observations that can be ranked (put in order) or have a rating scale attached.
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What is Bivariate Data?
Bivariate Data are pairs of related variables
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How accurate is Continuous Data?
It can be incorrect to +1/2-
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What is a population?
A Population is everyone of everything inside of the investigation.
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What is Census Data?
Census data contains information about every member of a population.
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What is Sample Data?
A Sample contains information about part of the population
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What are Sampling Units?
Sampling Units are people or items that are to be sampled
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What are Sampling Frames?
Sampling Frames are lists of the people or items that are to be sampled
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What is Cluster Sampling?
Cluster Sampling is used when a population being sampled naturally splits into groups or clusters
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What is Stratified Sampling?
Stratified sampling is when certain factors divide a population into sub-populations (known as strata)
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What is Quota Sampling?
Quota Sampling is a method used widely in opion polling
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What are Qualitative Variables?


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What is Continuous Data?


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What is Discrete Data?


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What is Categorical Data?


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