Chapter 7

1. A FI interval involves;

  • Reinforcement contingent on varying, unpredictable responses
  • Reinforcement contingent upon the first response after a fixed, predictable period of time
  • Reinforcement contingent upon the first response after a varying, unpredictable period of time
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2. Variable inteval schedules produce _________ rate of response

  • Moderate and steady
  • Longer and slower
  • None of the above
  • Shorter and Faster

3. A schedule where each individual response is reinforced is;

  • A fixed ratio schedule
  • Noncontingent Schedule
  • None of the above
  • A continuous reinforcement schedule
  • An intermittent reinforcement schedule

4. A rat has to press a lever 50 times to obtain a food pellet, this is an example of;

  • Fixed-ratio interval
  • Variable interval ratio
  • Variable ratio Schedule
  • Fixed interval ratio

5. A child who is hugged often regardless of their behaviour is receiving __________

  • Non-contingent social reinforcement
  • Contingent social reinforcement


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