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2. Differential reinforcement of low rates (DRL) involves;

  • A minimum amount of time must pass between responses for the reinforcer to be deilvered
  • Contingency on emitting a series of responses at a set rate
  • At least a certain number of responses in a certain amount of time

3. Schedule effects are;

  • The type of behaviour that is elicited when learning in different ways
  • The different effects each schedule has on each other
  • The different effects on behaviour produce by different response requirements
  • The effect that a schedule has on the time it takes to carry out the behaviour

4. What is ratio strain?

  • All of the above
  • A rat stopping its behaviour as the FR is 2000
  • A 'burnout' of behaviour
  • When there is an overly demanding response requirement
  • When responding stops as the requirements are too much

5. Which schedule is made up of two or more simple schedules and consists of its own discriminative stimulus

  • Complex Schedule
  • Adjusting Schedule
  • Chained Schedule
  • Conjunctive Schedule


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