Chapter 17

Adrenocorticotropic hormones (ACTH) triggers the release of...
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steroid hormones, produces many of the components of the stress response
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What did Selye ignore? And what did this release?
Sympathetic Nervous System. Triggers the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine
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Adrenal Cortex releases....
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Adrenal Medulla releases...
epinephrine and norpeinpehrine
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What are Brief stressors
naturalistic stressors that occur in the immediate situation i.e. when at an exam
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Brief stressors trigger....
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stress hormone, inflammatory response, trigger lymphocytes
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Galstric ulsers
caused by H. Pylori bacteria, stress
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Helicobacter pylori bacteria
view that gastric ulsers are caused by this bacteria
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types of immune systems
Innate Immune System & Adapted Immune System
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Innate immune system
attacks PHAGOCYTES, toll-like receptors, release CYTOKINES
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disease-causing agents
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Adaptive immune system
binds to ANTOGENS, - Creates immunological ‘memory’ basis for vaccination
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activated BY cytokines, specealized white-blood cells,
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Cell- Mediated Immunity
T cells; macrophages
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Antibody- mediated Immunity
B cells; antibodies bind to foreign antigen
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T cells
foreign micro-organisms
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B cells
antigens, antibodies
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Rat pups who were groomed by their mothers displayed
Decreased glucocorticoid release from adrenal cortex
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Phineas Gage case
after damage: his personality had changed. His MEDIAL PREFRONTAL LOBES was damaged
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Medial Prefrontal Lobes
Phinease Gage has his medial prefrontal lobes damaged. They were involved in Plannning and Emotion
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dogs ears go FORWARD, tail, hair goes UP
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gos ears go BACK, tail, hair goes DOWN
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James- Lang Theory
The AUTONOMIC and SOMATIC response activate the emotion. For example, first heart racing and sweating occurs, THEN the fearful emotion
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Cannon-Bard Theory
emotions are PARALLEL processes, no direct cause of relation
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Sham rage
Decorticate cats (lacking a cortex) respond in an aggressive way.
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What Bard conclude in Sham Rage research?
The HYPOTHALAMUS and adjoining structures play an important role in emotion
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LIMBIC SYSTEM is responsible for recognizing emotion
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Kluver-Bucy syndrome
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Symptoms of kluver-bucy syndrome
(1) increased sexual behaviour (2) lack of fear (3) consumption of anything edible (4) investigating things with mouth
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Genuine/ REAL smile
Contraction of the orbicularis oculi and Zygomaticus major
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Lateral Nucleus of the Amygdala
plays a key role in fear conditioning
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The case of S.P
woman who couldnt perceive fear, Cannot recgonize fearful responses i.e. in disgust , sadness or happiness
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Urbach-Wiethe disease
Hardening to calcium carbonate of amygdala and surrounding anterior media temporal-lobe structures
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Urbach-Wiethe disease
Unable to FEEL or RECOGNIZE emotion of fear!! Could not describe, recognize or emotional relating to fear
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steroid hormones, produces many of the components of the stress response

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What did Selye ignore? And what did this release?


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Adrenal Cortex releases....


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Adrenal Medulla releases...


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