Chapter 14: Edward VI - The Social Impact of Religious and Economic Change under Edward VI

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Religion: Somerset - Jul 1547
Royal injunctions: radically protestant
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Religion: Somerset - Dec 1547
Dissolution of Chantries: Money for FP
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Religion: Somerset - May 1549
Book of Common Prayer: more moderate than 1547
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Religion: Northumberland - 1552
Book of Common Prayer: radical, vestments banned
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Religion: Northumberland - 1553
Forty-two Articles of Religion: Protestant doctrine released by Cranmer
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Religion: General impact
Catholic survivalism - hiding - decline in leaving money to church
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Economy: Somerset
Coin debasement increased Crown finances for war w/Scotland but increased inflation, poor harvest, taxation for war etc. discontent
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Economy: Northumberland
£133,333 payment for Boulogne (French), one final debasement then resorted to melting down church plate -> stability
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The Western Rebellion: Religion
1549: Prayer Book Rebellion - rebels wanted to reverse the religious reforms which destroyed the way they experienced religion
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The Western Rebellion: Economy
Resentment to the sheep tax (Somerset) and distrust between labourors and land owners, taxation grievances.
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Kett's Rebellion: Causes
1549: Not religion, hatred of local officials, resentment of landowners
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Suppression of rebellions
Western: Easily suppressed but needed foreign mercanaries. Kett: FAILURE originally by Northampton, eventually suppressed brutally, Kett = hanged.
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Religion: Somerset - Dec 1547


Dissolution of Chantries: Money for FP

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Religion: Somerset - May 1549


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Religion: Northumberland - 1552


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Religion: Northumberland - 1553


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