Chapter 13: Motivation and Emotion Quiz

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1. Failure on the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test is likely to indicate damage to the __________ lobe

  • temporal
  • posterior
  • frontal
  • parietal
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2. The idea that a drive produces an unpleasant internal state that causes an organism to engage in behaviours that remove this unpleasant state is called the

  • none of the above
  • drive reduction hypothesis
  • principle of negative feedback
  • theory of reinforcement

3. During periods of relaxation, EEG recordings of the brain's electrical activity generally show __________ activity

  • delta
  • beta
  • alpha
  • theta

4. Motivation can be described as

  • stimuli relating to pleasant and unpleasant events
  • a driving force
  • another name for homeostasis
  • the fear of doing something

5. If you woke up during _____ sleep, you would recall any dream you were having at that time

  • stage 3
  • stage 1 or 2
  • REM
  • slow-wave


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