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2. If sleep repairs the wear and tear of the day's activities on the body, then

  • active people should need more sleep each night than sedentary people
  • sedentary people should need more sleep each night than active people
  • we should all need about the same amount of sleep each night
  • professional athletes should need less sleep than amateur athletes

3. During periods of relaxation, EEG recordings of the brain's electrical activity generally show __________ activity

  • delta
  • alpha
  • theta
  • beta

4. Social and cultural factors increase our learning of ____ to eat

  • what, when and how often
  • when
  • what
  • how often

5. According to Freud, dreams represent

  • uninhibited wishes
  • unfulfilled wishes
  • the collective unconcious
  • societal stressors


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