Chapter 13: Motivation and Emotion Quiz

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1. The process of detecting deficits in essentials such as food and water and using necessary symptoms to reduce deficits is called

  • system variable
  • correctional mechanism
  • homeostasis
  • drive reduction hypothesis
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2. Social and cultural factors increase our learning of ____ to eat

  • how often
  • when
  • what, when and how often
  • what

3. Our short-term store of nutrients contains

  • glycogen
  • adipose tissue
  • glucose
  • fatty acids

4. ____ thirst is caused by dehydration within cells; ____ thirst is caused by dehydration outside the cells

  • osmometric, volumetric
  • volumetric. osmometric
  • interstitial, angiotensic
  • angiotensic, interstitial

5. Many axons are insulated with a substance called

  • Mitochondria
  • Nissl
  • Myelin
  • Glia


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