Changing Urban Environments

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What is Urbanisation?
an increasing proportion of the population living in towns and cities
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Why is rural to urban migration occurring?
due to push and pull factors
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What is the CBD?
Central business district, lots of shops
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What is the Inner city?
The rim around the CBD for housing, oldest part of the city. normally terraced housing
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What are the suburbs?
Edge of city, larger and detached housing with gardens
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Why is housing becoming an issue in rich cities?
the population is increasing - number of households growing. many houses built through existing towns and cities
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What is a brownfield site?
an area in the inner city which has previously been built on
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What is a greenfield site?
an area on the edge of the city which has not been built on
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What are the advantages of building on brownfield?
easier to obtain planning permission, sites not derelict, utilities already provided, near to town
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What are the advantages of building on greenfield?
new sites don't need cleaning, cheaper land, pleasant country environment
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What is quality of life?
how good a persons life is measured by housing and environmental quality, access to education and healthcare
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What is segregation?
when people of a particular ethnic group choose to live with others from the same ethnic group away from others
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What are the benefits of a sustainable community?
people live in housing of a standard that offers a good quality of life and access to job + education
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How is the issue of Inner cities being tackled?
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What is an UDC and what do they do?
Urban development corporations regenerate areas by bringing land and buildings in effective use, encouraging development of industry
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Describe the use of the London docklands development corporation
144km of new and improved roads, 24046 homes built, 2700 businesses trading, docklands light railway (DLR)
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Why is traffic in rich cities now becoming an issue?
the number of cars has increased as has the traffic congestion. creates air pollution, noise, health impact
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How is the issue of traffic being tackled in Central London?
£8 a day congestion charge in central london to encourage tube use, extended tube links, park and ride schemes, pre-pay oyster cards
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What is city challenge?
When the local community, authorities and private companies work together from the start to design a scheme and bid for funding
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Why is multicultural mix in rich cities becoming an issue?
due to segregation
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Why do people of a similar ethnic group live together?
feel safe/secure 'safety in numbers', can relate to others with similar beliefs, specialist features i.e. kosher food shops and religious centres
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Why is the CBD becoming a problem?
busy/overcrowded, poor air quality
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What is a self help scheme?
local authorities support residents by offering grants,materials and cheap loans. the community must work together.
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What is site and service?
land is identified and distributed. infrastructure is laid in advance for water and electricity. people build using whatever materials they can afford.
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Describe the characteristics of Kibera, Kenya (a squatter settlement)
60% live in slums, 1m squared of floor space per person, homes made from mud, orphans, sewage ditch, rubbish littered
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Why are squatter settlements built?
to catch up with the speed of urbanisation - too fast to allow houses to be built
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What is a squatter settlement?
an area on the outskirt of the city built by people with any materials
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what is the informal sector?
the part of economy where jobs are created by people trying to get an income
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Describe the solutions to fix problems in Kibera
'practical action' developed low cost roofing and building tiles, united nations provided affordable electricity, world bank donated 2 water pipes
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what is the result of rapid urbanisation in poor parts of the world?
air/water pollution, disposal of toxic waste - lack of emergency planning and non existing regulations
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how can the problems of rapid urbanisation in poor parts of the world be reduced?
recycling plants, water plans for treatment of water, TNCs monitored, landfill sites
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What is a sustainable city?
an urban area where residents have a way of life that will last a long time. the environment is not damaged + social/cultural living is maintained
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How can the natural environment be conserved?
Green belts around large towns to prevent urban sprawl and encourage brownfield use.
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Why is rural to urban migration occurring?


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