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Reasons CBD are getting revitalised
Many shopping area are moving to the outer suburbs where rent is very cheap therefore can build more shops and therefore make more business and easy accessibility routes such as driving and parking
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What does a shanty town mean
Is a squatter settlement that spring up in an area that used to have no houses
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Give and example of a city that were successful in becoming a sustainable city
Curitiba in Brazil
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What is one advantage of using brown field sites
Are derelict areas that have been used before which means that there is less usage for green sites therefore available for future generations, easier to get planning permission since give want to see site use, near facilities such as CBD
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Disadvantages of building on brownfield sites
Often unnattractive , expensive to clean, cannot afford the redeveloped houses,often difficult to go and live there also reduces the pressure of services in inner city, more job opportunities outside inner city and land is much cheaper
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What does sustainable living mean
Development meeting the needs of people now without reducing the ability of people in the future to meet their needs
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What is a squatter settlement and what has caused this
Are settlements that have been built illegally in and around the city by people who cannot afford housing or due to shortage of houses. It has been cause by RURAL- URBAN MIGRATION
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What are the characteristics of a squatter settlement
Make shift homes that are unstable and made out of basic material such *** wood, poor conditions including poor sanitation and healthcare e.gwater, very polluted area and increased disease nos safety regs,no proper electricity or sewer, compact areas
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What are the effects of people living in squatter settlements
Lack of sanitation and healthcare mean that life expectancy in most LEDC countries is quite low also impact on that many are susceptible to diesels e.gmalaria, dangerous since no policing or security explain why crime rates are high, many part of informal
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In brief what are the schemes to improve squatter settlement
Self-help, local authority, site and sevice
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Explain self- help scheme
When residents are supplied with the basic resources e.gbrick by the LA to build a stable house that is safe but have to build the house the,selves. this make the city look more attractive
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What is the relationship between inhabitants living in squatter settlements and the informal sector
when inhabitants make and sell goods unofficially with no regulated wages and jobs aren't taxed/monitored no security regulations therefore if they don't sell they can't earn the mone, often they work for long hours and get little pay
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Explain site-help scheme
When the La provide a site for building(ie land) hence people pay a small amount of rent which is used to maintain basic services such as sewers , pipes and electricity therfore improving hygiene and sanitation
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Explain local authority scheme
These are funded by LA whereby locals can afford to by these houses since they are cheap and are about improving the tempe
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Case study of a squatter settlement and facts
600 squatter settlements each containing 1 million people it started in 1995 and it's successful, project involves 253,000 people in 73 favellas 40% of $300 million funding come from Ellie
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What does social improvements of the chosen case study
Education services are given to improve adult literacy, services are given for those people who are affected by domestic violence alcohol or drug abuse daycare centres and after-school schemes to look after children and my parents go to work
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what are the environmental improvements
Removal of homes that are on steep areas, widening streets to allow easy accessibility providing weekly services e.g. been collect/clean water/electricity therefore improving sanitation and make city look attractive
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Economic improvements
Training schemes to help young adults or young people to learn new skills so that they can find official jobs and earn money and contract and therefore educated this can help them to enjoy a better quality of life and support family
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Problems associated with Rapid Urbanisation and industrialisation
Waste disposal created by people can cause serious health problems and environmental problems, air-pollution burning fossil fuels Etc, what are pollution comes from leakage into rivers that can cause a threat to wildlife and health problems.
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Why do you people in LEDC countries struggled to dispose of waste
Money play the countries can't afford to dispose of waste some of which is toxic, scale larger country equals tons of waste, infrastructure narrow roads means disposal Lloris can't collect rubbish
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what is a type of sustainable city
Plenty of open space which reduces CO2 emissions, dispose of waste properly, building on brownfield sites, transportation, recycling, conserving natural environments and historical buildings now explain
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What are the facts associated with case study chosen
Started in 1995 so it was very successful, project involves 253 000 ppl in 73 favelas
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