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1. Who were the first sociologists to point out that the nuclear family has become a minority in Britain

  • Weeks and Stacey
  • Rapport and Rapport
  • Duncombe and Marsden
  • Willmott and Young
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2. What is the Definition of: Families which rely of extended family members despite not living near them

  • Reconstituted family
  • Dispersed extended family
  • Neo-conventional family
  • Extended family

3. What is the Definition of: Different family structures and beliefs caused by increased Immigration

  • Social class diversity
  • Cultural diversity
  • Multicultural family
  • Multigenerational family

4. What is the Definition of: A dual earner family which is similar to the conventional family

  • Choice
  • Cereal packet family
  • Neo-conventional family
  • Diversity

5. What is the Definition of: The study of different opportunities and events in ones life

  • Reconstituted family
  • Life course analysis
  • Cereal packet family
  • Life cycles


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