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2. What is an enterprise zone?

  • An area where businesses will pay higher taxes than the average population
  • An area where businesses will be given government support
  • An area where the surrounding services are being updated for the populations needs

3. Between 1966 and 2011 the secondary industry employment decreased by what % ?

  • 69%
  • 51%
  • 87%
  • 73%

4. advantage West Midlands has contributed to Birmingham's Eastside redevelopment which cost how much and took how long?

  • cost= £68m /time= 20yrs
  • cost= £82 /time= 25yrs
  • cost= £55m /time= 10yrs
  • cost= £72m /time= 15yrs

5. What is a bad consequence of the secondary industries closing in deprived areas?

  • The area becomes owned by the council
  • They become socially excluded
  • They gain a more skilled workforce


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