Ch 2 Physics A2

Electric Field
A region of space which will cause a charged parcel to feel a force
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Electric Field Lines
They show the direction in which a POSITIVELY charged particle will be pushed by the force the field produces
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Uniform Fields
An electric field where the field strength is constant & the electric field lines are equally spaced
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Locations which all have the same potential and can be connected by lines
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Force of a uniform electric field
F = EQ = am
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How rapidly the potential changes
E = V/d
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Kinetic energy of charged particle
E (Kinetic) = VQ (NOT GIVEN)
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Radial Fields
Fields created by charged particles
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Charged particles interaction
F=(kQ1Q2)/(r^2) --> Force depends on charge and distance from the centre of the particle
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Prematurity of free space
Measure of *** easy it is for an electric field to pass through a space
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Electric Field Strength
E = (kQ)/(r^2)
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Storing charge in a capacitor
Energy can be made to flow in an incomplete circuit. Since electrons cannot cross gaps in between plates, it builds up a negative terminal. the opposite terminal will flow to the positive side of the battery, making it the positive terminal.
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Charge in a capacitor
Q = CV (C in Farads (F))
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Capacitance depends on...
Size of plates, their separation and the nature of the insulator in between
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Energy stored in a capacitor
E = 1/2 x QV (other forms can be made using Q=CV)
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Then the Capacitor is charging:
Current = Exponential decay, Voltage and Charge Ln Growth
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Then the Capacitor is discharging:
Current, Voltage and Charge = Exponential decay
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Time constant
Time it takes for current to DROP TO 37%. T=RC (NOT GIVEN)
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Discharging Capacitor
Q=Q(0)e^(-t/RC) (other forms changing Q for V or I)
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Magnetic Fields
They affect magnetic poles. A region of space which causes a magnetic pole to feel a force
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Magnetic Field Lines
From N to S (Remember it with gravity). AKA Magnetic Flux.
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Strengths of magnetic field
Magnetic Flux Density (B) = (Measured in Teslas)
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Magnetic fields and charged particles
Magnetic fields exert a force on charged particles when the are MOVING
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Flux density
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Motor effect
Wire carrying a current in a magnetic field feels a force. This force is greatest when they are at perpendicular
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Strength force in Mag. Field
F = BILsinx
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Motor effect depends on
Current, Turns of wire & magnetic density
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Force on a charged particle moving across a magnetic field
F = BqvSinx
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EM induction
Movement of charged particle causes a force. Newton 3rd law. electrons feel a force making them move through a wire. E.m.f Induced.
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Flux Linkage
Amount of flux interacting with a coil of wire. Flux Linkage = NBA (measured in Wb-turns)
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Faraday's Law
The magnitude of the emf induced is proportional to the rate of change of flux linkage
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Lenz's Law
Direction of an induced emf is such as to oppose the charge creating it
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Faraday's and Lenz's Law combined
emf = (dNBA)/(dt)
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Flemings right hand rule
Same as left rule but, second finger is emf induced
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Electric Field Lines


They show the direction in which a POSITIVELY charged particle will be pushed by the force the field produces

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