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2. where will a suspended object come to rest

  • it will float off into space
  • with it’s COM directly below it’s point of suspension.
  • with it’s COM directly above it’s point of suspension.

3. what is it called when the object has come to rest

  • at equilibrium
  • balanced
  • gone

4. how do you find the centre of mass

  • draw lines from all the corners and see where they cross
  • draw the lines of symmetrey
  • draw random lines and hope for the best

5. for an object to be balanced it must...

  • be a flamingo
  • have the clockwise and anti-clockwise moments not equal
  • have the clockwise and anti-clockwise moments equal
  • have gravity holding it up





great revision tool so thnx

Miss KHP

Nice and fun way to see how much you know about the centre of mass topic.

Suitable for GCSE Triple Science (AQA).

Once you have completed the test, see your score and then check what areas you may need to revise over.




oops got 60% better luck next time am i right?

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