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6. did Hitler value the radio?

  • Yes, he placed all radio stations under Nazi control and frequently spoke. he ensured that every street and house had one.
  • no, he hated the radio. he thought is was wicked.
  • not really, he preferred to be seen on television
  • noyes

7. give an effect of the Berlin Olympics?

  • it made Germany look ridiculous as Jesse Owens took 4 gold medals
  • it showed Germany as strong, efficient and powerful.
  • as everything went wrong it showed Germany to be weak.

8. how were the newspapers censored?

  • every single newspaper wrote the same thing.
  • journalists were briefed on what to write by the Ministry.
  • all journalists were shot unless they swore loyalty to the Nazi's.
  • Hitler ordered that all newspapers had to be read by him beforehand.