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2. Which of these does p53 NOT do?

  • induces expression of genes for apoptosis
  • induces expression of genes for DNA repair
  • p53 does all of these
  • induces expression of genes for cell cycle arrest

3. Initiation requires a signal from...?

  • PNS e.g. Ras
  • Cells environment e.g. Ras
  • Endocrine system e.g. Ras
  • CNS e.g. Ras

4. What are the 4 cycling proteins?

  • G1, G2/S, S, M
  • G1, G2/S, S, T
  • G1, G1/S, S, M
  • G1, G1/S, S, T

5. Which of these isn't a checkpoint for the cell cycle?

  • G1
  • Anaphase->telophase transition
  • Metaphase->anaphase transition
  • G2/M


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