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2. Regarding Composition of Cell membrane, which is true?

  • Peripheral proteins act as ion channnels
  • It is rich in carbohydrates
  • Cholesterol controls much of fluidity
  • Cholesterol has high proportion among cell membrane lipids
  • Integral proteins act mainly as enzymes

3. What is not a function of glycocalyx

  • Many of its carbohydrates act as receptors for specific hormones
  • Provides cell cell adhesion
  • Provides an overall surface negative charge
  • Provides energy to cell
  • Involved in immune reaction

4. Regarding Nucleus

  • Size of nuclear pore can be as large as 50 nm
  • Initiates Ribosome synthesis
  • Nucleolus is surrounded by membrane
  • Replenishes lost cell membrane
  • Shows well defined chromosomes during interphase

5. Peroxisomes

  • Synthesize H2O2
  • Are membrane bound organelles
  • Are involved in breakdown of food particles
  • Are synthesized by golgi apparatus
  • Are involved in oxidative phosphorylation


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