Cellular Physiology

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1. Regarding Nucleus

  • Size of nuclear pore can be as large as 50 nm
  • Shows well defined chromosomes during interphase
  • Initiates Ribosome synthesis
  • Replenishes lost cell membrane
  • Nucleolus is surrounded by membrane
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2. Regarding cytoskeleton

  • Microtubules provide a rigid physical structure to cell
  • Are absent in muscle cells
  • Mitotic spindles are made up of microfilaments
  • Microfilaments are polymers of tubulin
  • Source of origin of ER

3. Peroxisomes

  • Are involved in oxidative phosphorylation
  • Are synthesized by golgi apparatus
  • Synthesize H2O2
  • Are involved in breakdown of food particles
  • Are membrane bound organelles

4. During mitosis nucleus begins to disappear in

  • Late metaphase
  • Anaphase
  • Late prophase
  • Early metaphase
  • Early prophase

5. Endoplasmic Reticulum

  • Synthesizes ribosomes
  • Contains enzymes for cellular resp.
  • Provides major share of metabolic machinery
  • Is abundant in muscle cells
  • Contains gel like matrix


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