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2. Which of the following is the structure of smooth muscle cells?

  • Thin elongated each with a single nucleus
  • Large and stout each with many nuclei
  • Thin elongated each with many nuclei
  • Convave and each with many nuclei
  • Large and stout each with a single nucleus
  • Convave and each with a single nucleus

3. Cell types mainly involve which of the following

  • Epithelia, Collateral, Connective, Sensory, Blood
  • Epithelia, Muscle, Connective, Sensory, Blood
  • Epithelia, Apex, Connective, Sensory, Blood

4. The digestive tract, bladder, arteries, veins all have

  • "organ - vital" muscle
  • Smooth muscle
  • Cardiac muscle
  • Skeletal muscle

5. Ribosomes are involved in protein synthesis:

  • True but only in prokaryotic cells
  • True
  • False
  • True but only in human cells


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