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2. (Plant/Animal) cells,but not (Plant/Animal) cells, contains chloroplast.

  • Plant & Animal.
  • Animal & Plant

3. Plant cells and algal cells have a (vacuole/cell wall), which is made of cellulose.

  • Cell wall
  • Vacuole

4. (Both plant and animal cells/only animal cells) contain ribosomes, which is where (carbohydrates/Proteins) are made in the cell.

  • Both plant and animal cell. & Proteins.
  • Only animal cells & Carbohydrates

5. The cell (wall/membrane) holds the cell together and controls what goes in and out.

  • Membrane
  • Wall




This is actually really good! I was a little sceptical of the form it took, but the way you use multiple choice to help us remember the information once we've completed the cards is really effective. Good work!! :)

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