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1. What is special about a yeast cell?

  • It has genetic material instead of a nucleus
  • It is the cell overlord
  • It has a nucleus containing genetic material, cytoplasm cell wall, membrane and nothing else
  • It has no nuclues
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2. What is special about a bacteria cell?

  • They always come in pairs
  • It has no nucleus, just ribosomes
  • It has no nucleus, just genetic material
  • It has a large nucleus

3. What 5 things does an ANIMAL cell contain?

  • Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane, Mitochondria & Ribosomes
  • Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell Wall, Mitochondria & Ribosomes
  • Nucleus, Chloroplasts, Cell Wall, Mitochondria & Ribosomes
  • Trick question, they contain more than 5 things

4. What does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not

  • A Cell Membrane, Cytoplasm and Chloroplasts
  • A Cell Wall, Vacuole and Chloroplasts
  • Mitochondria
  • A Cell membrane, Vacuole and Chloroplasts

5. Do Yeast and Bacteria Cells have both a Cell wall and membrane?!

  • Trick question, they both have none of the above
  • No lol
  • Oui Oui
  • Maybe . . .


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