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1. What is the order that organelles in animal cells are found in centrifugation?

  • Nucleus, ribosomes, rough ER, smooth ER, mitochondria
  • Nucleus, rough ER, smooth ER, mitochondria, ribosomes
  • Nucleus, mitochondria, rough ER, smooth ER, ribosomes
  • Nucleus, mitochondria, smooth ER, rough ER, ribosomes
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2. Why does centrifuge solution have to be isotonic?

  • Speed up osmosis
  • Prevent osmosis
  • Denature enzymes
  • Minimize cell activity

3. What is the golgi body's role in an insulin-making cell?

  • Transports insulin to vesicles
  • Attaching to insulin genes
  • Activating insulin
  • Releasing ATP

4. What is homogenisation?

  • Mashing and filtering cells to make organelles same consistency
  • Mixing of cells
  • Combining cells together in a centrifuge

5. What is the function of a lysosome?

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Lipid/steroid synthesis
  • Destroy/break down cells
  • Transport substances around the cell


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