Cells, tissues and organs

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1. The larger the difference in concentration...

  • The rate of diffusion stays the same
  • The faster the rate of diffusion
  • The slower the rate of diffusion
  • The hotter the rate of diffusion
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2. What must the food you eat be changed from and to?

  • From soluble molecules into bile
  • From soluble molecules into insoluble molecules
  • From insoluble molecules into soluble molecules
  • From insoluble molecules into digestive juices

3. What does the nucleus control?

  • The cell's activities
  • Protein synthesis
  • The movement of materials in and out of the cell
  • The DNA

4. Which of these things is a gland?

  • Large intestine
  • Salivary glands
  • Stomach
  • Liver

5. Which of these things do a bacterial cell not have?

  • Cell wall
  • Nucleus
  • Genetic material
  • Cell membrane


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