Cells, tissues & organs

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1. What is the purpose of mesophyll in a plant?

  • Produce food for the plant
  • Carry water around the plant
  • Contains chloroplasts for photosynthesis
  • Carry dissolved minerals from roots to leaves
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2. What is a kidney, a sperm and a stomach?

  • Organ, specialised cell, organ
  • Organ organ & organ
  • Specialised cell, organ & organ
  • Specialised cell, specialised cell & organ

3. What are organs made up of?

  • Several tissues
  • A tissue
  • A group of different cells
  • A group of similar cells

4. How are bacterial cells different from animal and plant cells?

  • No neucleus and flagella and plasmid
  • Flagella and plasmid
  • No cell membrane
  • No cytoplasm and flagella

5. A group of specialised cells working together form...

  • ...a tissue
  • ...an organ system
  • ...a muscle
  • ...an organ


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