cells and batteries

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1. why can fuel cells run continuously?

  • open system - reactants and products stay in the same place
  • closed system - reactants are in the same system as products
  • open system - reactants in, products out
  • closed system - reactants can flow in, but do not escape
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2. alkaline batteries are...

  • don't know
  • non-rechargeable
  • rechargeable
  • neither

3. what does a chemical cell contain?

  • chloroplasts, vacuole and cell wall
  • chemicals which react to produce gases
  • chemicals which react to produce electricity
  • a nucleus, cytoplasm and cell membrane

4. why are hydrogen fuel cells good for the environment?

  • fewer dangerous chemicals
  • cheap
  • does not require electrical energy
  • lower energy use

5. why are some cells non-rechargeable?

  • the chemical reactions stop after one of the reactants is used up
  • they can only be used once
  • the reactants do not stay in the cell after being used


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