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2. When separting pure DNA,which of the following substances are used?

  • hydrochloric acid
  • ethanol
  • vodka
  • amylase enzyme

3. which of these are found in animal cells?

  • cytoplasm
  • chloroplasts
  • celluose cell wall
  • central vacuole

4. What is the point of a flagellum?

  • It helps the bacteria keep a stable shape
  • It helps the bacteria move
  • It helps the bacteria reproduce
  • All of the other answers

5. In a bacterial cell, where are genes located?

  • On their legs
  • The bacterial cell has nuclei which contain the DNA of the bacteria, thus the genes
  • There is a single loop of chromosomal DNA carrying most of them and maybe some plasmid DNA carrying genes not found in the chromosomal DNA
  • Bacteria do not have genes at all


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