1. What is the role of the cell wall of a plant cell?

  • it keeps out pathogen
  • it is tough so helps support the cell and helps it keep its place
  • it controls what enters and leaves the cell
  • it contains cell sap so keeps the plant turgid
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2. which of the following statements are wrong?

  • mitochondria are tiny structures where respiration occurs,releasing energy for cell processes
  • the cell membrane controls what enters or leaves a cell
  • chloroplasts allow animal cells to photosynthesize
  • the central vacuole of a plant cell contains cell sap which keeps the cell rigid,so plants don't have skeletons

3. A/n ______microscope magnifies x 10 million

  • electron
  • modern
  • atomic
  • light

4. Which of these substances leave through the cell membrane?

  • cytoplasm
  • carbon dioxide
  • oxygen
  • glucose

5. which of these are found in animal cells?

  • celluose cell wall
  • central vacuole
  • cytoplasm
  • chloroplasts


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