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2. Prokaryotes are more than 2um in diameter

  • False
  • True

3. Prokaryotes have circular DNA

  • True
  • False

4. what happens in Interphase?

  • The chromatids uncoil and become chromosomes gain.
  • The chromosomes line up along the middle of the cell and become attached to the spindle by their centromere.
  • The cells DNA is unravelled and replicated to double its genetic content. the organelles are also replicated.
  • The chromosomes condense, getting shorter and fatter, and the centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell.

5. what is the effect of a hypotonic solution on an animal cell?

  • water molecules pass into and out of the cell in equal amounts, so the cell stays the same.
  • net movement of water is into the cell, causing the cell to become turgid
  • net movement of water molecules is into the cell, causing it to burst.
  • net movement of water is out of the cell, causing it to shrink


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