Cell Biology and Micro-biology

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1. The base adenine (A) of the DNA of the bacterium Salmonella enterica forms 23.9% of its composition. which of the following is most likely the base composition of the genome given C is cytosine, G is guanine and T is thymine?

  • C=26.1% G=26.1% and T=23.9%
  • C=23.9% G=26.1% and T=26.1%
  • C=23.9% G=23.9% and T=23.9%
  • C=26.1% G=26.1% and T=26.1%
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2. The E.coli gene, gene lacZ encodes for which of the following proteins?

  • Beta glactosidase
  • Beta haemoglobin
  • Beta glactoside permease
  • Thiogalactoside transacetylase

3. in a eukaryotic cell mRNA synthesis takes place in the

  • Nucleus
  • Cytoplasm
  • Endoplamic reticulum
  • golgi apparatus

4. the process by which mRNA is synthesised in cells is termed

  • tranphosphorylation
  • transcription
  • translation
  • transconjugation

5. Vibrio is the term used to describe which type of cell morphology?

  • spherical
  • spiral
  • curved rod
  • rod


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