Cell Biology and Micro-biology

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1. the arrangement of bacterial gene sequences are often reffered to as being polycistronic. Which of the following statements best describes the term polycistronic?

  • Multiple genes controlled by the same promoter sequence
  • A gene which contains introns
  • A single gene controlled by a promoter
  • A gene which contains introns and exons
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2. The enzyme Beta-galactosidase generates which of the following products?

  • two glucose molecules
  • two galactose molecules
  • one glucose and one galactose molecule
  • two lactose molecules

3. Many of the proteins in the bacterial flagellum show homology with the proteins of which of the following structures?

  • Type three secretion system
  • Ribosomes
  • Capsule
  • Pili

4. which of the dollowing scientists developed DNA sequencing technology?

  • Craig Venter
  • Fred Sanger
  • James Watson
  • Robert Hooke

5. With respect to the genes which encode mitochondrial proteins which of the following statements is true?

  • All genes are located in the mitochondrial DNA
  • Some genes are located in the mitochondrial DNA and some in the nuclear DNA
  • All the genes are located in the nuclear DNA
  • Mitochondrial proteins are not encoded by genes


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