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2. Which sequence correctly orders the evolution of the following biochemical reaction?

  • 1st anoxygenic photosynthesis, 2nd bacterial photosynthesis, 3rd aerobic respiration, 4th eukaryotic oxygenic photosynthesis
  • 1st bacterial oxygenic photosynthesis, 2nd eukaryotic oxygenic photosynthesis, 3rd anoxygenic photosynthesis, 4th aerobic respiration

3. the lacl gene encodes which of the following regulatory elements?

  • promoter
  • operator
  • repressor
  • the inducer

4. The enzyme Beta-galactosidase generates which of the following products?

  • one glucose and one galactose molecule
  • two lactose molecules
  • two glucose molecules
  • two galactose molecules

5. The adaptive immune response can be activated by antigen presentation to T-helper cells by which of the following immune cells?

  • Cytotoxic T cells
  • Macrophage
  • Plasma cell
  • Mast cell


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