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2. Which of these is not an adaption of a neutrophill?

  • Biconcave shape
  • Multi-lobed nucleus
  • Many lysosomes
  • Flexible shape to engulf foreign particles

3. Which of these is not an adaptation of an erythrocyte?

  • Small to allow it to get close to body tissues
  • Many lysosomes to break down particles
  • No nucleus so there is more room for oxygen
  • Biconcave disk to increase surface area, and hold more oxygen

4. What is an adaptation of guard cells?

  • Small, long and tim to make movement easier
  • Thin outer wall and thick inner wall, in light will absorb water to become turgid
  • Contains chloroplasts to absorb light, thin walls
  • Similar cells that work together to produce the same function

5. What adaptation do epithelial cells have?

  • Cillia and microvilli
  • Flexible shape to engulf foreign particles
  • Multi-lobed nucleus


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