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2. What differentiation doesn't happen in the Canbium

  • Neutrophils get lysomes with enzymes to digest bacteria
  • Xylem elongate and waterproof with deposits of lignin, with ends of the wall breaking down
  • Phloem elongate, the ends partially breaking down

3. Which of these is not an adaptation of an erythrocyte?

  • Many lysosomes to break down particles
  • Small to allow it to get close to body tissues
  • Biconcave disk to increase surface area, and hold more oxygen
  • No nucleus so there is more room for oxygen

4. What doesn't happen when erythrocytes are differentiated from bone marrow?

  • Form a biconcave disc
  • Lose their nucleus, golgi and rer
  • Form a multi-lobed nucleus
  • Filled with heamoglobin

5. What is not true about epithelial tissue?

  • held in place by a basement membrane made of collagen and glycoproteins secreted by the cells underneath
  • Can be column shaped
  • Found mostly in lower regions of the brain
  • Ciliated epithelium is found in bronchi and oviducts
  • Forms layers and linings
  • Squamous Epithelium form thin flat surfaces in alveoli and blood vessels


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