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What is Cell Theory?
Consists of 3 statements: 1)all organisms are composed of one or more cells 2) cells are the basic unit of structure & function in organisms 3) all cells come only from other cells
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cells that have a nucleus-include plants,animals + fungi
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Structures found within cells that have a particular function + are responsible for life processes- some are membrane-bound but not all
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Largest Organelle & Function?
Nucleus-contains Chromatin (DNA & Protein),stores genetic material & consists of nucleolus & is surrounded by a nuclear envelope (double membrane) with nuclear pores.
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role of nucleolus?
makes RNA & ribosomes for protein synthesis in cytoplasm
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What is the Plasma cell surface Membrane?
composed of a phospholipid bilayer and controls the entry and exit of molecules into and out of the cell
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V.small organelles without membranes, found in cytoplasm/attached to Rough ER & consists of 2 sub-units. Role: synthesis proteins from mRNA using amino acids
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spherical/sausage shaped things, surround by a double membrane-the internal membrane fold into cristae(folds). Role: site of ATP production aka cellular respiration
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Rough & Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)?
series of flattened membrane-bound sacs called Cisternae. Rough ER is coated with ribosomes & transports proteins made by ribosomes. Smooth ER lacks ribosomes & makes lipids
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Golgi Apparatus?
Stack of membrane- bound flattened sacs. role: receives proteins from rough ER + modifies them e.g. adding a sugar molecule. Then packages the protein into vesicles for transport
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Spherical sacs surrounded by single membrane like vesicles
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cells that have a nucleus-include plants,animals + fungi

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Largest Organelle & Function?


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