Cell Structure (Part 2)

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1. Which of these are not a step in Protein Synthesis?

  • Centrioles move genes to the opposite pole of the cell
  • Gene with instruction for protein is copies on piece of mRNA
  • Vesicles then move to the plasma membrane to fuse and release its contents
  • mRNA moves out pore to attach to Ribosome
  • Molecules move to the golgi apparatus where they are processed and packaged
  • Ribosome reads instruction and assembles Protein using tRNA
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2. Which of these is not a function of the cytoskeleton?

  • Transporting materials within the cell as a 'Track' for ATP carrier proteins
  • Keep the cell's stable shape
  • Provide ATP to move organelles around
  • Supporting organelles

3. What is the Plasma Cell membrane?

  • Two membranes with thykaloids, site of photosynthesis
  • Phospholipid Bilayer, controls exit and entry of substances into the cell
  • Small tubes of protein fibres next to the nucleus, forms spindle that moves chomatids in cell division
  • hair like extensions projecting from the cell surface, move using atp for movement

4. Which of these is not found in animal cells?

  • Cellulose Cell Wall
  • Plasma Membrane
  • Cytoskeleton
  • Nucleus

5. Which of these doesn't occur in a prokaryotic cells?

  • Menbrane bound organelles
  • No mitochondria
  • Circular Dna


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