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2. What is the resolution and magnification of a light microscope?

  • 0.1nm ,X100000
  • 1500nm, X200
  • 200nm, X1500
  • 0.1nm, X500000

3. What is a lysosome?

  • Two membranes with thykaloids, the site of photosynthesis
  • Single membrane spherical sac which contain digestive enzymes that breakdown waste material
  • Stack of membrane bound flattened sacs, modifies protiens from ER and packages them into vesicles for transport

4. Ultrastructure is...?

  • Structure we can see under an electron microscope
  • Structure we can see under a light microscope
  • Structure we can only see under a SEM

5. Which of these is not found near genetic material in a eukarotic cell?

  • Nucleolus
  • Mitochondria
  • Nucleus
  • Nuclear envelope


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