Cell Organelles

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1. I'm an organelle found in plant cells. I contain an inner membrane that's arranged in flattened sacs. Which organelle am i?

  • A centriole
  • Secretory vesicles
  • The chloroplast
  • The mitrochondria
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2. What are histones and whats there relevance?

  • Tiny proteins held inside of the nucleus that record the cells activities
  • Histones are proteins that break chromosomes down into chromatin
  • Histones are proteins that form chromatin
  • Histones are tiny organelles that used to recall the information of the cell. During the evolution of cells, they were replaced by the nuclus

3. What kind of arrangement do the microtubules in cilia have?

  • A 9+2 arrangement
  • A random arrangement
  • A 11+2 srrangement
  • They have a hair like arrangement

4. How is the size of ribosomes in prokaryotic cells determined?

  • Its determined by the rate in which they settle or form a sedimate in solution
  • Its random
  • Its determined by the size of the cell
  • Its determined by how many ribosomes are present

5. Where are proteins synthesised?

  • On the ribosomes bound to the endoplasmic reticulum
  • In the cisternae of the golgi apparatus
  • Within the endoplasmic reticulim
  • In the ribosomes that are found free floating in the cytoplasm


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