Cell Organelles

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1. What are histones and whats there relevance?

  • Histones are tiny organelles that used to recall the information of the cell. During the evolution of cells, they were replaced by the nuclus
  • Tiny proteins held inside of the nucleus that record the cells activities
  • Histones are proteins that form chromatin
  • Histones are proteins that break chromosomes down into chromatin
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2. What are microtubules?

  • A component of the cytoskeleton that forms a scaffold like structure that determines the shape of the cell
  • A component of the cytoskeleton that can break down the cell and rebuild it again during complex cellular processes
  • Contractile fibres formed from the protein actin
  • Tiny organelles on the surface of the cell that record information about the cells environment

3. What is the difference in structure between the smooth endoplasmic reticulum and the rough endoplasmic reticulum?

  • The rough ER has ribosomes attached to it, and the smoothh ER does not
  • The rough ER is attaced to the nucleus, and the smooth ER is attached to the cell membrane
  • The smooth ER is normally much larger than the rough ER
  • The rough ER has centrioles attached to it, and the smooth ER does not

4. During transcription, why is information from DNA copied onto RNA?

  • RNA would be wasted if it wasn't used
  • DNA is too large to leave the nucleus so its information is copied onto RNA which is small enough to leave through the nuclear pores
  • DNA is too important to leave the nucleus so RNA acts as a messenger delivering information to other organelles within the cell
  • DNA cannot obtain enough energy to properly deliver information to the other organelles and so it passes info onto RNA, which can gain enough energy to transfer the info

5. What is the name of the dark region within the nucleus?

  • The nuclear sap
  • The premature nuclei
  • The nucleolus
  • The DNA


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