Cell Membranes

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1. Which of these is not a use of mitosis?

  • Sexual reproduction - Produces non-identical gametes
  • Growth- Make new identical new cells to perform the same function
  • Repair- Identical cells can replace broken and dead cells
  • Asexual Reproduction - Single celled organisms produce daughter cells or a separate organism
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2. What are glycoprotiens used for?

  • Channel proteins allow larger molecules and ions through, carrier proteins actively transport things in and out of the cell
  • have a carbohydrate attached and is used for cell signaling, adhesion and cell surface antigens
  • Maintains the stability and fluidity of the bi-layer when the temperature fluctuates

3. How is exocytosis and endocytosis carried out?

  • Vesicles moving large amount of substance in and out of the cell via ATP
  • Channel proteins provide pathways for charged molecules or those that are too big,

4. The Phosopholipid bilayer is?

  • Double layer of phosolipids, with a hydrophillic head and hydrophobic tail
  • Proteins and lipids arranged in a fluid mosaic model

5. What effect does heat not have on the plasma membrane?

  • Channel proteins start to denature leaving big gaps in the cell membrane
  • Molecules vibrate less so less molecules come through
  • Molecules vibrate more, leaving temporary gaps in the phospholipid bilayer


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