Cell Membranes

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What do cell membranes do?
Membranes control what passes through them
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What are membranes at the surface of cells called?
Plasma membranes
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What are plasma membranes?
Barrier between cell and environment, controlling which substances enter and leave the cell
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Describe plasma membranes
Partially permeable, substances can move across by osmosis, difusion and active transport, they allow cell communication
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Describe membranes within cells
Barrier between organelle and cytoplasm, form vesicles to transport substances
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What are cell membranes made up of?
Lipids, proteins and carbohydrates
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Structure of cell membranes
Fluid mosaic structure. Phospholipid bilayer, cholesterol molecules present, protein molecules, glycoproteins, glycolipids
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Function and structure of phospholipid bilayer
Forms a barrier to dissolved substances, Hydrophilic head, hydrophobic tail,
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Function and structure of cholesterol
Gives the membrane stability. Type of lipid, cholesterol molecules fit between phospholipids, they bind to hydrophobic tails
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Function and structure of proteins
Control what enters and leaves the cell. Some form channels which allow small, charged proteins through. Carrier proteins transport molecules and ions across the membranes by active transport.
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Function and structure of glycolipids and glycoproteins
Act as receptors for messenger molecules, stabilise the membrane by forming hydrogen bonds with surrounding water molecules. They act as receptors for cell signalling. Antigens
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What is cell signalling?
How cells communicate with eachother
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How do cells communicate with eachother?
One cell releases a messenger molecule, this travels to another cell, binds to receptor on cell membrane
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How can membrane permeability be tested in the lab?
Beetroot experiment
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How does membrane permeability change with temperature?
Highly permeable at -0 an 45+
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What does increasing the concentration of the solvent do?
Increase membrane permeability
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What are membranes at the surface of cells called?


Plasma membranes

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What are plasma membranes?


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