Cell Biology 7S.1

How many different types of cells make a human?
over 200
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cell prolifieration
cell growth, division and survival
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cell specialisation
express unique set of proteins from shared genome, cell differentiation
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cell interaction
cell communication, neurotransmission
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cell movement
cell adhesion
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gene transcription can be regulated at multiple stages;
DNA, RNA transcript, mRNA in nuclus, mRNA in cytosol, inactive mRNA or Protein (active or inactive)
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in prokaryotic cells genes can be switched off by
the repressor proteins (operon)
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in prokaryotes, ligand-dependant DNA binding proteins
can turn transcription on or off
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G1 in cell cycle
cell grows and DNA ready for synthesis
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S in cell cycle
DNA is replicated
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G2 in cell cycle
special chemicals made to allow cell to prepare for mitosis by stimulating proteins to make spindles
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M in cell cycle
chromosomes split to ends of pole and then cell divides by cytokinesis
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4 stages of cell division
Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase and Telophase
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does recombination and crossing over of chromosomes happen in meiosis 1 or 2
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cell prolifieration


cell growth, division and survival

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cell specialisation


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cell interaction


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cell movement


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