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A slight yellow colouring to the skin and eyes
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Milia (Milk Spots)
Small whitish spots on the babys face, particularly on the nose
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Basic needs of a new born baby
-Patience/time. -Love. -Security. -Food/drink/shelter. -Warmth. -Clothes
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Body measurements which are taken as soon as a baby is born
-Weight (Pounds). -Size of the baby's head (Head circumference). -Body Length. -Heartbeat
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Two main factors that affect a child's development
Nature and Nurture
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Shared Care families
The responsibility of the child/ren is shared between the mother and father who do not live together
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Role Reversal
(Swap in roles) Mothers used to stay in and look after the children whilst the father went to work but nowadays more mothers are going to work whilst fathers stay at home to look after the children.
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Cohabiting Family
This is when two people with a child or children are living together in a relationship but un-married
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Reasons why children might be put in local authority care
-Financial issues. -Death/illness/disabiity. -Inprisonment of a parent. -Abuse of any kind. -Parent cant cope leading to depression. -Bad behaving children
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Ways that the family structure has changed
-Divorce is easier nowadays. -Family size&the age at which people can become pregnant. -Role reversal. -Changes in technology-more developed and available
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Ways that having a baby might change a parents lifestyle
-Impact on finances. -New house/car needed as limited room. -Social Interaction; making new friends (Good) but may feel cut off from other friends (Bad)
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What is Sure Start?
Childrens centre made to help the community, offering early learning, childcare, health advice, family support and provide families with children upto the age of 5 years old
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Sure Start help to support families with young children-How?
-Offers early learning development. -Advise parents on finances, health care etc. -Provides a place to meet other parents (Get experiences & discussions can take place)
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What is meant by the term 'looked after' children?
Children who do not live in their own homes; they are cared and provided for by somebody else
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Cross contamination
Transfer of bacteria from one food to another
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2 ways that cross contamination could occur
-Hands which a
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Small whitish spots on the babys face, particularly on the nose


Milia (Milk Spots)

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-Patience/time. -Love. -Security. -Food/drink/shelter. -Warmth. -Clothes


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-Weight (Pounds). -Size of the baby's head (Head circumference). -Body Length. -Heartbeat


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Nature and Nurture


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