cc and oceans

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importance of oceans
half world pop live within 100 miles of coast. 20 out of 30 largest cities are coastal.
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importance of ecosystem services
recreation, transport, protein (fish), shoreline protection (mangroves and pebbles)
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impacts of cc on oceans
changes in circulation (temp and salinity), expansion of low oxygen zone, more stratified so less nutrients to surface so less PP
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heat and oceans
oceans absorb most of heat. N atlantic seen most warming (link between fish abundance and temp). warmer = fish metabolism increase
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beaugrand et al 2008
warm loving plankton move N through time, cold living move out of warm regions
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effects of sea level rise
NW passage in Arctic will open- econ and trade benefits. flooding risks. SE England will be worst affected
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effect on carbonate chem
H ions produced in water when CO2 enters- water becomes more acidic. will only be less alkaline. SOcean and Arctic most affevted- lower conc of carbonate ion normally
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calcifying phytoplankton
take C from deep ocean to sed. 70% cold water corals will be gone- aragonite affected first. molluscs v sensitive- made from aragonte
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effects of decreasing oxygen concs
were 100 dead anoxic zones in 1980s, now 400. warmer ocean makes it harder to dissolve oxy- less mixing to get oxy in deep ocean. oxy main zone expanding- low oxy in larger shallower area
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marine climate change impacts partnership 2013
S regions of UK predicted to become 10% more productive, N regions 20% less productive. fish species distribution will shift N at 27km per decade by 2050 (20 now)
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bopp et al 2014
temp has fundamental effect on biological processes as most biological rates are temp dependent
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IPCC 2014
vulnerability greatest in polar region animals owing to their narrow temp range
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how much will open ocean NPP decrease by in RCp 8.5 in 2100
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importance of ecosystem services


recreation, transport, protein (fish), shoreline protection (mangroves and pebbles)

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impacts of cc on oceans


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heat and oceans


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beaugrand et al 2008


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