Causes of the Boom- Part 2

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1. Traditional rules of submarine warfare meant that you had to...

  • Surface and check it was a merchant ship
  • Surface and check it was a passenger ship
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2. Germany only recieved how much in loans?

  • $27 million
  • $22 million
  • $25 million
  • $30 million

3. USA did not join the war due to immigration...

  • ...because they did not want to fight their own country
  • ...because they wanted to fight for their own country

4. The message asked to join together and take back the territory of...

  • New Mexico, Texas and Arizona
  • New Jersey, Tennessee and Arkansas
  • New Hampshire, Texas and Alabama

5. In this particular case Germany sank the boat and...

  • 228 people died
  • 128 people died
  • 138 people died
  • 238 people died


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