Causes of the Boom- Part 1

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1. USA did not join the war due to wanting to remain Neutrality Popular, this was seen in?

  • Increase in peace movement in America
  • All of the Above
  • Woodrow Wilson- 'He kept us out of the war'
  • Famous song- 'I did not raise my son to be a solider'
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2. Tariffs encourages people to...

  • buy products within own country rather than abroad
  • buy products outside their country rather than their own

3. America involved itself in a limited amount of war, the only three it did was...

  • Italy 1812, Mexico 1848, Spanish- American War 1898
  • Britain 1812, Mexico 1848, French-American War 1898
  • Britain 1812, Mexico 1848, Spanish-American War 1898
  • Britain 1812, Germany 1848, Spanish-American War 1898

4. People favoured this policy as it had...

  • Limited inteference/ regulation in business
  • Increased inteference/ regulation in business

5. Laissez- Faire is the policy of...

  • Leaving things alone
  • Interfering in things


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