Causes of stress

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1. What was the hassles frequency positively correlated with in Kanner's study?

  • psychological symptoms on the HSCL
  • psychological symptoms on the BMS
  • psychological symptoms on the Berkman Life events scale
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2. What scale did Kanner compare the hassles and uplifts scale with?

  • Hopkins Symptoms Checklist
  • Berkman Life events scale
  • Bradburn Moral Scale

3. Which two scales were psychometric tests in Kanner's study?

  • Hopkins Symptoms Checklist and Bradburn Moral Scale
  • Hassles and uplifts scale and Berkman Life Events scale

4. How early were the tests sent out before the study in Kanner's study?

  • 1 week
  • one month
  • 9 months
  • 2 months

5. How many things did Johansson measure?

  • 2 (levels of stress hormones: blood and urine and body temp)
  • 1 ( levels of stress hormones: blood and urine)
  • 4 (levels of stress hormones: blood and urine, body temp, sr on mood, alertness plus caffeine and nicotine consumption, levels of illness and absenteeism)
  • 3 (levels of stress hormones: blood and urine, body temp, sr on mood, alertness, plus caffeine and nicotine consumption)


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