Catering 1.3- Job roles

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Serves meals and makes sure they are to the best standard
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Head chef
Runs the kitchen and overlooks the running of it.
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Sous Chef
Second chef
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Chambermaid or room attendent
Cleans rooms
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Runs the room cleaners
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Kitchen porter
Washes dishes and pans
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Porter or Concierge
Carries bags and books the taxies
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Books clients into their rooms
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Hotel manager
Runs the hotel
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Commis Chef
A training chef
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Pastry Chef
Makes cakes, breads and desserts.
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Two main areas in a hotel are
Management and administration. Food preperation
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The three levels of work are...
Operative- Commis chef, Kitchen porter, waiting staff. Supervisory- Head chef, sous chef, restraurant manager, station head waiter. Management- Manager of an executive head chef, resturauant manager.
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Structured staffing
Everyone has a job they are responsible for
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Flexible system
When you dont know what you're doing that day untill you get there.
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Chef de partie
Section chef
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The three sections you need to know are...
Restaurant, Front of house staff, House keeping.
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Chef patissier
Pastry Chef
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Chef gardemanger
Larder chef
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Chef de cuisine
Head chef
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Teamwork... What 8 things does it involve?
Work quickly, happy, High self esteem, talk to each other, Suggest ideas, know what is expected, responcable, effective.
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Team leaders... What 7 things does it involve?
Delegates tasks effeciently, Supervise their team, Motivate their team, Communicate effectivly, Give advise,praise and support, give positive feedback, maintain quality.
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Hotels, guest houses
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Meetings and events are hosted here
Conference centers and hotels
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Runs the kitchen and overlooks the running of it.


Head chef

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Second chef


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Cleans rooms


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Runs the room cleaners


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Useful to test yourself on basic roles in catering and hospitality.

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