Casey et al Study

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1. What was the IV?

  • Whether the participant was a high or low delayer
  • Whether the participant was male
  • Whether the participant was heterosexual or homsexual
  • Whether the participant stayed in the study for 10 years or more
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2. What scan did they do?

  • fMRI
  • MRI
  • PET
  • CT

3. What is the DV

  • The impulse control test score
  • The platform on which the test was taken on
  • The height grown or shrunk per year per participant
  • How long they resited the marshmallows

4. Finish the phrase : Delayed...

  • Gratification
  • stimuli
  • movement
  • twitch

5. What is the function of the Ventral striatum

  • To moderate and balance motivation
  • To control the brain's oxygen suppply
  • To control blood flow in the brain
  • To help the visual cortex function


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